Introducing the Hyfra Sigma Series, industrial cooling at its best

Highly Efficient & Environmentally Friendly, Compact Water Chiller

General Features

  • New generation of micro channel, high efficiency aluminium multichannel condensers with protection grills
  • Fully hermetic scroll type gas cooled compressor
  • Generous capacity self insulating PE tank: ensuring stable and accurate temperature conditions during fluctuating loads.
  • Stainless steel coaxial evaporator

Easy to connect and easy to use

User friendly digital temperature controller and controls that offer flexibility in meeting tailor made configurations for all process cooling applications.

Environmentally friendly

Protecting the environment by using 60% less refrigerant.

Energy efficient

Reduced power consumption by 20%.

Small Footprint

Up to 70kW of cooling capacity on just 1m²

Low noise level

Noise level reduced by 50% . Speed controlled EC Fan optional.

Power Range of 5KW to 320kW

Ambient temperatures 10˚C to 42˚C