RCU PB (Potable Bakery) Range

The ‘PB’ (potable bakery) range of water chillers is designed to chill a specified volume of mains water to a temperature close to zero, prior to being used as part of a food mix.

There are twelve models in the range able to chill water to 5°C or less without the use of glycol.  The unique design of evaporator coil, being a series of tubes formed into a number of parallel circuits, provide the surface area for the heat transfer from refrigerant to water which is unaffected by water circulation volumes.

Water is taken off town’s mains supply and measured into holding tank, where it is agitated and chilled as it comes into contact with the cold evaporator surfaces.  Agitation on the small units is generated from high water circulation rates, off process pump which run continuously to ensure water does not rest in external pipework and gain heat from ambient.  Larger units are fitted with an additional agitator system.  As water is drawn off ring main to mixers more mains water is added to the bulk holding tank via a solenoid valve actuated by level switches within the tank.

Options available specifically for PB range:

• 316 stainless steel evaporator coil
• 316 stainless steel tank
• 316 stainless steel pipework
• Split system (tank/evaporator alongside refrigerant condenser)
• Twin pump system
• Dual systems incorporating common tank
• Weatherproofing/frost protection
• Remote control
• Special electrical circuits

PB Selection Chart

Based on water entering chiller at 18°C, cooling to 5°C in an ambient of 28°C

Water usage required
Unit type Maximum discharge rate
Heat extraction per hour
Kcals BTU Watts
125 RCU3PB 10 1625 6448 1890
170 RCU3APB 10 2210 8769 2570
230 RCU4PB 35 3000 11903 3489
385 RCU5PB 45 5000 19840 5815
615 RCU6PB 45 8000 31746 9305
950 RCU7PB 80 12350 49007 14364
1280 RCU8PB 80 16650 66070 19365
1290 RCU9PB 210 24700 98010 28727
2485 RCU10PB 210 32300 128171 37567
2770 RCU10APB 245 36000 14400 41860
3200 RCU11PB 245 41660 165312 48453