Water Chillers

British made Packaged Water Chillers that can be considered to be the most versatile in the market today. Designed to fulfil a great number of applications, coil-in-tank water chillers as standard are able to cope with:

  • High water flow
  • Low water flow
  • Water temperatures ranging from minus 5°C to 25°
  • Maintains a stable water temperatures independent of flow conditions
  • Fluctuations in heat loads
  • Corrosive fluids
  • Near freezing temperatures without use of glycol

All these features being due to unique evaporator design and the large volume of water contained in the insulated tank which acts as a thermal flywheel and heat sink. These feature also offer dependability by ensuring compressor is not constantly stopping and starting when system is operating with low loads.

Refrigerated water chillers
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • 14 models, 0.37-88kW
  • Non-ferrous fluid circuits
  • Copper evaporator
  • Fully insulated large volume GRP holding tank
  • Water temperatures as low as 1°C without the use of glycols
  • High or low flow rates with matching pressures easily accommodated
  • Fully packaged

Evaporators Unique Design

The unique design of the evaporator coil, being a series of tubes formed into a number of parallel circuits, the surface area of the coils provide the heat from refrigerant to water being unaffected by water circulation volumes.


No. Description
1 On-Off control
2 Temperature gauge
3 Pressure gauge
4 Pressure regulator
5 Flow connection
6 Return connection
7 Overflow
8 Sightglass
9 Service access panel
10 Condenser
11 Fan
12 Compressor
13 HP and LP protection
14 Expansion valve
15 Pressure relief valve
16 Pump
17 Electrical box
18 Evaporator coil
19 Stainless steel brackets
20 Ball valve
21 Insulated tank
22 Heavy duty castors


  • External siting
  • Mechanical frost protection (when additives are not acceptable)
  • Stainless evaporator coil
  • Stainless steel tank
  • High pressure pumps
  • Close temperature control
  • High ambient use
  • Non-European electrical supplies
  • Special control circuits
  • Bakery specification i.e., 1°C water without glycol
  • Water cooled condenser
  • Split units for easy access to evaporators
  • Twin pump sets
  • Bespoke designs