Flat Bed Dry Air Coolers

The flat bed range of air blast liquid coolers have been designed to fulfil a wide range of cooling needs in the industrial process cooling market.

Efficient, economical and easy to operate, special attention being given in their design to achieve optimum thermal efficiency, whilst providing low noise emissions and low energy consumption.
Standard housings are manufactured in hot-dip galvanised steel, with liquid circuits and headers in copper. Axial fans direct driven by IP55 electric motors move air over the aluminium finned heat exchangers which are pressure tested to 15 bar.

Adiabatic Dry Air Coolers

Whilst dry air coolers will only cool water to within 3°C of ambient, there is a further option which allows this form of cooling to achieve water off (water leaving the system) temperatures as low as to within 5°C of wet bulb ambients.  This is known as an adiabatic system, where in higher summer ambients a fine mist of water is sprayed on to the heat exchanger surface reducing the air temperature on the cooling coil.
Adiabatic systems are complete with an ultraviolet light water treatment system so again no requirement for chemical water treatment but with the advantage of water temperatures being below dry bulb ambients.

Dry air coolers have a completely non-ferrous water circuit and can be operated with a sealed liquid circuit which gives the benefit of:-

• No corrosion
• No clogging of cooling pipes and waterways
• No expensive water treatment required
• No evaporative losses
• No blowdown losses
• No drift losses
• No environmental contamination
• Low maintenance costs
• Low running costs
• Versatile design configurations
• Suitable for various fluids

Options can include:

• Blow-through fans
(high temperature application)
• Vertical orientation
• ‘V’ Block configuration
• Packaged with integral pump/tank
• Low noise
• Various materials of constructions
• Fan stage control
• Fan speed control
• Special electrical control systems