Water Chillers for the food Industry

F&R Products’ RCU range of water chillers are unique in their design in that they are able to chill tap water to 1°C without the addition of glycol, this being especially useful for cooling potable water for food applications.

The unique system of copper coils, immersed in an insulated tank, is able to support high or low volume water flows without the problems associated with other conventional evaporators such as plate, coaxial or tube in tube designs.

The standard evaporator material for the range is copper tube immersed into a GRP tank but other materials are available such as various grades of stainless steel suitable for food applications.

The design also offers a far greater degree of temperature stability than conventional chillers due to the large water volume acting as a thermal flywheel.

Other variants include the facility of a special coil size to fit within a customer’s existing tank.

Typical applications would be to cool the water prior to being mixed with flour in the manufacture of bread or pastries.

RCU Water Chillers for Food Industry

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